Friday, January 10, 2014

I Have Not Been Fair

I read a blog today where the reviewer stated that she did not pick up romance novels often because they all are summarized pretty much the same way which is how I feel also. But after reading two romance novelslast year, I changed my mind. I am not saying they are all good, some of them are cookie cutter and if you like that that is fine, but I am not a fan. But I try to include reviews from others in my blog because as you know my blog is for all genres.

Then I took a hard look at myself. I NEVER promote YA. Maybe once or twice I did. I remember reading one book that I liked that was categorized as YA. I had won that book and it was good. But when I read the synopsis of other such books, it all sounds the same. If someone could give me a heads up, or somehow I could get a free copy so I did not waste my money if I did not like it, that would be ideal. But that is not happening.

So what I plan to do is to do some book tours that are YA and include some popular and indie YA books for you all to take a look at and you decide yourself if you want to read it. I am going to try to fit in a YA book to read soon. Just to be fair.

It is funny when you take a good look in the mirror what you see.