Friday, January 10, 2014

Fantasy Friday

Okay, I toyed around with a LOT of things and I decided on Fantasy Friday. Now there can be a lot of things mixed up in this. For example: Pick a fantasy book to read, write about my fantasy ending to a book I thought might fit better, a fantasy drabble, an article on fantasies or a fantasy book writer. It will be all fantasy book related. I wanted it to be a little more broad then Wednesday and Thursday.

I want to include you also! If you want to write in about a fantasy book, author, or anything about fantasies, please comment! Or write to me at

and tell me your idea and I may put it on my blog.

Fantasy is a wonderful thing and I will start off today very simple. My favorite fantasy book of all time is The Neverending Story. I can remember it like it was yesterday.

I wish I could do a review on it but it has been so long. I wish I knew where my copy was. I am sure I purchased that book. My best friend and I read it together. In fact, Kerri (my very best friend and always great book advisor) always did buddy reads before they were fashionable. She usually found the book first, started reading it and told me about it. Then I started, she waited for me to catch up, and we would finish it together and talk about it. Ah...good times.

It is very interesting I know Neverending is fantasy. But on goodreads it is labeled as follows with the most people voting on what category it belongs in first (the first having the most votes). It is interesting. You see this is the type of YA I love! lol! (Referring to my previous post).

Young Adult 531 users
Classics 521 users
Childrens 348 users
Adventure 146 users
European Literature > German Literature 133 users
Fantasy 120 users
Science Fiction Fantasy 105 users

I can see young adult (I do not know why I keep capitalizing that), and classic for sure, childrens and adventure. I thought European - German literature was interesting. And then you see fantasy. I would put fantasy up top or right under young adult, classics and children. It is so crazy because books can be in so many categories on goodreads. I do not know what they consider it on say Kirkus.

Anyway I hope we can have a lot of fun with this. I do not care how old you are you still love being lost in a different world, a world of fantasy.

(I wanted to include an amazing picture and the cover to Neverending but my computer is wiggin out. I need Geed Squad asap before I cannot blog anymore. So you pictuer your own fantasy!)