Sunday, January 19, 2014

Defining What You Read

by Siphen.0)

"The most heroic words in all languages is revolution".

Today readers aren't the most welcoming when it comes to books that do not meet their tastes. A lot of the time that book or hero may meet some harsh criticisms. Yet, it won't always be because there is something wrong with either, it will be that they are for us. There is a very big difference between what isn't good and not right for us which too often that line between them becomes blurred. It is then we ourselves take the time to evaluate just what it is we look for and what works for us personally.

uncanny x-men 11Now looking back at that quote, "The most heroic words in all languages is revolution". I personally am inclined to believe in this. So if you were to ask me, I'd more than likely say revolution is the most heroic word for me. I have always made my admiration for Cyclops' character very well known. And the reason for this is because the X-Men have done nothing but stand for change in a world full of ignorance. 2013 marked the year of revolution for the X-Men, well Cyclops' mutant revolution that is. One which for once in their lives united both humans and mutant together to fight for the same goals. No longer was it mutants against the world or "mutant problems, mutant solutions", they now had the support of the public and that puts someone like Cyclops in a position of power even if the other heroes don't acknowledge it.

Now I do also realize just one word may not be enough for some of you out there. To an extent I may also say Responsibility and Will are up there as well for me. No problem with having more than one because as storytelling evolves, so do we in the variety of books we look into and take interest in.

At the very end of the day, what you come up with will more than likely influence what you see on your pull list. It shows our diversity as a community of comic fans and diversity amongst what we read. The writers, editors, artists, and so forth are to thank for this as well because they are the ones looking to provide those characters that we come to care for. To build these worlds from nothing or expand them into something believable. So next time you see someone saying a book sucks and you have a different opinion of it, remember that they just don't realize it isn't for him/her.

So what is that word to you?

EDIT: I should also emphasize COMICS.