Sunday, January 12, 2014

Beginnings and Endings

I had so much fun last year because I was able to read again. But I REALLY had fun once I started blogging and December came rolling around. There were lists for gift giving, Christmas books galore, end of the year lists of books I had not even heard of, what is coming in 2014 lists, etc. I was so excited. But after Christmas was over I began to wonder. What am I going to blog about in 2014? Well so far it has not been a problem.

I am writing this because I still have tons of lists. List of all the new books coming out and lists of up and coming authors. Lists of new series and new books from series from 2013 due out now or shortly, movies being made out of great books, etc. I posted a two days ago about new books coming out of India and I posted today about new authors and new books coming out way. There is so much buzz I can hardly stand it! I honestly thought I would have to fight my way through January until February when the romance novels came out so I could fall back on that for a month. But here we are almost two weeks into 2014 and there are so many new books coming out, even lists up to December 2014 I have found so it will not be a quiet year for sure.

I still have my "old" books from 2013 and would really like to get to them. But it is very hard with all of the new books coming out. I will have to find some kind of balance. I just purchased a book today because I was very interested in it and I wrote the very successful and busy author and asked her if she would like to promote her book here and she said yes. I am not going to tell you now who the author is. She is going to guest blog for us and then when I read the book she will do an interview. And I am thrilled because the book is one on my get right away shelf!

So January is turning out well. You can currently see what I am reading on my goodreads link at the very bottom of my blog page. But I may do another post on what I am currently reading because it obviously has changed since December.

Remember tomorrow is a book blitz. So drop by. There will be a giveaway. Ah ha! More fun things in January.

Movies may have gone down the toilet for the most part and you all read my apology to ya books. But for the most part, there will never be a shortage of good books to read. And I am happy to be on the reading end. It is hard to be an author and I know that from all of my friends who are authors. I have decided to write a short story, or maybe a book. I think it comes with the territory, at least for me I have seen the progression to reading, to writing my drabbles, to writing more posts instead of just putting up news or reviews and interviews (which are important) I may not have it in me who knows? I have the idea, the characters already, but do I have what it takes? We will see and I will keep you posted. But my blog will still be here. And I will still be telling you about awesome books.

I am already thinking about the summer reads :)