Saturday, January 25, 2014



They have sold around the world in the millions. Now, the 15 explosive novels from No.1 global bestseller Andy McNab are available to American readers for the first time, thanks to a new tie-up with Apostrophe Books.

The all-action Nick Stone missions follow a former top soldier in Britain’s elite fighting unit, the SAS. These days Stone is a mercenary and ultra-secret deniable agent, facing down danger in some of the world’s most terrifying trouble spots for the likes of the CIA and their British counterparts, MI6.

The first novel, Remote Control, sees Stone on the trail of two terrorists in Washington, DC, when he discovers the bodies of a former Special Forces colleague and his family. Soon, he’s on the run from professional killers with the only survivor of the bloodbath – a seven-year-old girl.

For the stories, author McNab draws on his real-life experiences working for SF and intelligence services both sides of the Atlantic. McNab, who went on to become the UK’s most highly-decorated soldier, led an undercover patrol behind enemy lines during the first Gulf War, before being captured and tortured. His account of the incredible true story, Bravo Two Zero, has sold more than 5 million copies and been translated into 16 languages.

One of its true-life follow-ups, Seven Troop – a gripping account of McNab’s days in the SAS’s death-defying Air Troop, often working hand-in-glove with Delta, SEALs and the CIA – is also now available in the US thanks to the Apostrophe Books deal.

Packed with all the authentic insider details and tradecraft that has become the author’s signature, the books are available to download for e-readers, including all Kindle and iBookstore devices. For links and more information, visit

NICK STONE NOVELS: Remote Control, Crisis Four, Firewall, Last Light, Liberation Day, Dark Winter, Deep Black, Aggressor, Recoil, Crossfire, Brute Force, Exit Wound, Zero Hour, Dead Centre, Silencer

NON-FICTION: Seven Troop