Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Winging It Wednesday

Boy did I have a rough time today! The first three blogs I picked were doing nothing that I could replicate. Then I struck gold! A comic book lover who does not post about comics that often. Sound familiar? So I may not have time now to do it. But I may grab my stack from ComicCon and go through them and post a review. I will do at least 5 but I will try to do more. I have some comics sitting next to me now but they are not the first in the series.

So sorry this is kind of a lame "Winging It Wednesday". That is why it is called Winging It. You never know what is going to happen!

If you have any comics you would like to suggest, I still am prepared to make it over to the comic book store soon. Only my husband knows how to get there and me and GPS are not friends. So I need him to take me. He does not mind we just have to find time.

The point of this too was to support my fellow bloggers and last week I know I forgot to give the link to the blog. So this week I want you to click here and check out Angela's Blog. Tell her Mollydee sent you!