Friday, January 17, 2014

What I Am Reading Today

Those of you who are regulars know that this is usually an article filled with 5 or more books. However, I am taken by one book today. And if it was not to try to get you all to enter the contest, I would have read it anyway, just maybe not right now.

So what I am currently reading (and this is also a giveaway still going on so go for it!) Where The Dead Fear To Tread by M.R. Gott. I do love M.R.'s work so I was sure this book was going to be good. What he did was suck me in with the first few pages by being absolutely horrifying. But then a story developed which was awful (I mean in terms of what certain characters were doing) and terrifying. I am loving every minute of it and it is one of those times where you wish you could read faster. I am 25% in but I recommended it at about 3% in and I recommend even more now. I cannot possibly imagine where this story is going to take me but I am holding on tight for the journey. I will post my review, as per usual, when I am done which should be either tonight or tomorrow at the rate I am going. I am really enjoying this book.

I can read a few books at one time but eventually when you are reading five or so books at a time, one storyline comes into focus and pushes out all the others for the time being and that is what happened with Where The Dead Fear To Tread.

I wanted to mention this book so that you could enter the giveaway or if you just cannot wait because it sounds so good, pick it up at amazon.

I will probably blog tomorrow about what I am reading then. The multiple version of what I am reading.

I have to mention this too. Sometimes I feel like when I look at other bloggers, how are they are churning out 5 or more reviews a day, I shake my head. I did a brief blog about this and do not really want to revisit it but it is because they are reading 60 or 70 page books. I can do that but I choose not to. Short stories are great. I have also blogged about what a strong supporter I am of short stories. But if you are just trying to get a blog up, or churn out a bunch of reviews, and trust me that is all that it looks like when you consistently read a certain type of book, I prefer my way. You can wait for my review and I will read my 600 plus page book and enjoy it just as much as my 56 page book (or less!).