Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thursday Tea

So last week I added Thursday Tea to my lineup of things I am putting into my blog. The point was to pick a book you want to curl up with and read with a big blanket and a cup of tea.

Now I am not a romance fan. I will read a book but honestly, horror is comforting to me and I just realized this this morning as I was choosing a book to pick for my comfort book that I will be reading. I honestly picked up one of the many books I have won and they should be, by I guess regular standards, comfort books. But to me, graphic novels are comforting to me. I really hoped this would be a comfy cozy slippers on under the covers romance novel Thursday Tea but we are all different.

So I picked not only a comfort book but a book on my A-Z Challenge list and that book is Valentine - Prelude to a Kill by Daniel Cooney with Introduction by Noel Hynd.

As I started reading it I realized THIS is MY kind of comfort book. The chapters are short and there are awesome illustrations so I am not sure how much I am going to set aside to read. I think 5 chapters a week. I will keep you updated. So far it is a fabulous book!

And I am drinking my tea with my comfy pjs on.

Thank you for stopping by for Thursday Tea. One lump or two?