Sunday, January 19, 2014


I just want you to know, whoever my new chickies are who entered my giveaways I have up, you made my day. I only want my readers to have a chance at a book and be happy when they win like my first few winners from my first few contests. I do not blog about it to be a pain to you or to keep repeating myself but I know, for me, there are contests I want to enter and put it off and then I forget until a reminder comes around or say the next version of the blog that I saw the giveaway on arrives in my mailbox.

So we have ourselves two giveaways ending in about 13 hours so GET GOING! You still have a chance.

The other two giveaways you have a few days but do not wait.

So thank you again and I will continue to bring you as many contests as I can. I had been spreading them out but for as long as it takes on a Blitz to put in all of the links, it is worth it to introduce a new author and a new book and a great giveaway. So I will be adding a lot more. I know a lot of books seem to be in the adult contemporary romance category. That is just what I get. Nothing wrong with it but you know my blog is all about all genres. So I pick which books that I can as diverse as I can and I am looking into other tour groups that have other genres of books. Just a little FYI. So wish me luck. Because it means more diverse giveaways for you!