Friday, January 17, 2014

The Weekend

Most people look forward to Saturday and Sunday because it is their weekend and, especially for us book readers, we may be able to fit in some extra time to read. This is not the case for me.

My weekend is Sunday and Monday. I do not work so those are my husbands "weekend" days. "What?", you say, "You don't work? You must read all day long! That is great! I wish I was you." Well yes and no. First of all I am an RN and miss my job very much. Health reasons keep me from working. I have recently had two events happen however in which I may be able to finally work from home, part time. And that would be a blessing. But I still have a house to clean, and a husband and a dog to take care of. I know, how many times can you clean a house? You would be surprised. I actually have an ongoing project and by ongoing I mean years. It is called "cleaning out the craft room". You can
imagine. You can barely walk in there so that is something that needs attention. But I was blessed with a neat husband so that helps a lot. But still time just seems to goe by and I do not know at 10pm where the day went. I had a lot more time to read before I started blogging I know that. But for my faithful readers, you know I blog all day long. Pretty much I open my eyes in the morning, grab my laptop, and stat looking over my sites that I have written down that have so far served me with the best information on books and book goings-on. I am usually up at 9am. I do not take a break until 7pm. Why 7pm you ask? Because that is when the blog site restarts the view counter. So I do all I can do for the day, and then I break at 7pm. I read and I still blog after 7pm if something hits me or I need a reading break. I also watch a little television. I just cannot go without my Family Guy. Then later on the whole Adult Swim line-up I cannot miss. Sometimes I do not even eat from 9am when I have breakfast until I break at 7pm. I live on coffee. I know not good for me - I am working on it. I do drink a lot of water. Always have. Just a great health tip. if Cameron Diaz is doing it, it has to be good lol! But I did it first.

Anyway, I am not a number counter. I am not trying to just through up posts so the counter will turn over. I really spend a lot of time reading and gathering the best information. I am just happy if a few people read my blog. But the counter helps me see what interests my readers so I can keep bringing them book news they want to read about. The counter kind of is like having a boss that says "You did a good job today".

But back to the weekend. It is actually a bad thing for me because hubby is home and wants to do things. Yes I love him. I have known him for 20 years and we have been married for 13 of them. But I am so used to my everyday schedule, I want to blog even on the weekend. And I do, but it is difficult. I had a couple of disagreements with hubby where I said I would be down in 10 minutes and that turned into three hours (I am serious) or not coming down at all. I was so into my blogging, I was forgetting what was important. It just took off so fast for me I had no real time to get a grasp on it and make out some kind of schedule for myself to follow. I still do not have a real work/blog schedule that I follow accept that if I am not doing something else, I am blogging. And again crunch time is between 4pm-7pm. I try to get my numbers up some more and try to see if there were any late happenings in the book world. Book news, like regular news, happens all the time. A lot of sites have the same things but most have something awesome everyday and I like to find it, read it, and pass it along. A lot of the same sites have the big stories in the morning, but there is always late book news. Not to mention my reviews. My reading. The constant contact and work that it takes to do an interview with an author, or have them on for a guest blog. And that is the best part of what I do but it is time consuming. Also my own blogs, like what I am doing now. My themes for the days of the week. And whatever else ends up in this blog.

I almost feel like I wish there was no weekend but then I would be obsessed with books and blogging and we all know that is not true right? ;)

So this was just to give you an idea about how I function and how my blog comes to be. It has only been two and a half months. The success is incredible and I am forever grateful to my readers. I am also very grateful to all of the authors I have worked with who blogged here, did an interview with me, or hosted a giveaway. I have met some incredible authors and want everyone to know about them.

So as much as I love you all, if you notice a lull in my blog on Sundays and Mondays, you now know why. But I make it priority to bring you as much as I can so that you have some great information and some wonderful books to read. I wish I knew more of you. The ones who comment make me very happy. What do I always say? This is YOUR blog. For you. So tell me what you want to see. But I may not get back to you until Tuesday ;)

This is pretty much what my work area looks like but there is a water bottle, (or multiple water bottles)a coffee cup, maybe a snack usually not, some folders, a notebook, tons of pens - I loose them then find them and when I find them I find about 10 of them, my regular cordless phone, my cell phone, a television remote, and the amount of books is right on the money.