Monday, January 20, 2014

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I was very interested in vaudeville. It was the only sort of discipline that was a five-minute act on stage, which is what I really enjoyed and saw myself doing. And I bought books on it.
-Steve Martin


by Jayne Ann Krentz


Returning to Summer River after 13 years, Lucy Sheridan learns that a mortifying event from her adolescence was actually a rescue, and her teen crush and savior, Mason Fletcher, makes a great partner—in life and in crime investigation.

As a forensic genealogist, Lucy is used to family disputes over money and property, so when her aunt and the woman’s partner are killed in a car accident and Lucy learns she’s inherited their estates—including some decisive shares in a family-owned company that is considering a merger—she is wary. Returning to her aunt’s home in Summer River after 13 years, Lucy runs into her teen crush, Mason Fletcher, who is taking a break from his security consulting firm. The last time Lucy visited her aunt in Summer River, she was a teenager, and Mason had pulled her out of a local party, humiliating her in the process. Turns out, though, that Tristan, the local magnetic-yet-psychopathic teen bad boy, had some nefarious plans for Lucy, and Mason had saved her from a devastating experience. Now that Lucy is back and knows the truth, that long-ago night casts a chilling shadow across Summer River as she and Mason make a stunning discovery in her aunt’s home, and an unknown accomplice to Tristan’s misdeeds will kill to protect long-buried secrets. Add in a power struggle for control of Lucy’s shares and the future of the company, a few more mysteries, a dead body or two, and a full slate of suspects, and Lucy and Mason have their hands full. Thankfully, they’re both really good at solving mysteries, since the more questions that arise, the more attention they draw from someone (or ones) who’d prefer they’d stop asking. As danger and attraction flare, Lucy and Mason are convinced they have a bright future together, if they can survive the investigation. Krentz returns to her romantic suspense roots with an intriguing premise set in charming wine country, using her typical finesse with dialogue, characterization and storytelling in support of an intricate and engrossing plot.

Another Krentz winner.

Pub Date:Jan. 7th, 2014
Page count:336pp
Review Posted Online:Dec. 7th, 2013
Kirkus Reviews Issue:Dec. 15th, 2013


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