Thursday, January 9, 2014

Stationery Sets For Writing to Funny Friends

by Tara Block)

Make your girlfriends feel special in the new year by using the oldest trick in the book — write them a letter! Snail mail doesn't have to be a snooze-fest; these quirky stationery sets have a naughty sense of humor and are sure to tickle your friends' funny bones. And if you need any more motivation, it's even Letter Writing Week! Show your BFF you care by writing her a sweet note on this sassy stationery.

Only a fellow weirdo will appreciate these I'm so glad you're as weird as me ($32 for 10) cards.

This card has no purpose whatsoever card ($10 for 4) is sure to elicit giggles from its recipient.

There's something for every type of friend in this Anne Taintor postcard set ($10 for 30).

For the BFF with an inappropriate side: best friends vagina stationery ($9 for 10).

Give a nostalgic hello to a childhood friend with this vintage Lisa Frank stationery set ($18).

Send a sassy note with handmade flair using this cross-stitch stationery set ($20).

For sh*ts and giggles, write a letter on this sh*t letterpress stationery ($11 for 8).

A Friends reference is only fitting for your friends with these How you doin'? note cards ($10 for 12).

Blogger's note: This really hit me. I LOVE stationary and if I had the money, I would buy a ton of it. From all over, no expense spared. I used to, when we did not have computers, have pen pals all over the world. Plus my friends and I just wrote notes on nice paper because it is a girly thing to do. Probably one of the few girly things I did when I was young. I think more people should write on nice cards or stationary. Or like here, write on the funny stationary. You are always reading about famous authors notes being discovered, so if you are an author or are planning to be, you may want to start handwriting notes to people. The nice thing to do would be to get one box of notes or stationary and send one note or letter to a friend for no reason, one note or letter to mom or dad, one note or letter to someone else in the family, etc. I got some nice stationary at a garage sale this year for one dollar. It was not the fanciest but it was a beach setting and nice and new. I did write a letter to my friend in PA on it. She always picks the best stationary when she writes me. She does not have a lot of money. I am talking no cable, no cell phone, no computer so we have to write each other. But she takes the time to pick special stationary and put stickers on. Don't get me started on stickers. LOVE THEM!! So make it a resolution for the New Year to write to someone on nice stationary. I think the above are a little pricey I am sure you can find cheaper ones just as nice. But if you have the money - SPLURGE!!!

And now my comments on the cards and stationary:
1. I'm So Glad You're As Weird As Me -  Poop! - I am that weird and would send it to a lot of people.
2. This Card Has No Purpose Whatsoever - Why not? Send it! Kinda of what I said above.
3. The Anne Taintor set - It looks like there are a lot of funny ones in there. I like the gossip one they show.
4. Vagina Stationary - Send to a friend with a good sense of humor. If they do not like it, then they never had a sense of humor.
5. Vintage Lisa Frank Stationary Set: If you were a girl and grew up in the late 70s or early to mid 80s you will buy one set for you and one set for all your girlfriends who also remember Lisa Frank and her stickers.
6. Bitches Get Stitches - I love it! I cross stitch so I love it. But I think any crafter, anyone who knits, etc will appreciate this stationary.
7. Sh*t Stationary - That about says it all! Just make sure not to offend.
8. How You Doin'? - This takes a street phrase and classes it up on stationary. Great for anyone!

Looking back over, I may have to order the Lisa Frank set. I have to look into that.

Happy writing!

ps - I just noticed it says (on Thursday of all days I did not know) it is letter writing week. So you have a reason to. But I think Best Friends Day is coming up soon (I am serious) so you can write then too. I will try to keep a look out for that. You can send your best friend a book and a notecard!