Saturday, January 11, 2014

Something of Interest To Me

As a blogger, I get to see the numbers. The cold hard facts. And as I look at which posts are a hit and which ones are not so hot. I find it extremely interesting in what you are all interested in. I am not sure if I want to reveal what I have found out. Hmmm....

When I am perusing the newspapers and book sites, I look for a variety of things. But in the back of my mind is always the list I made of what you, the readers as a whole, seem to like to read about and I keep a keen eye out for those types of articles.

Okay I will give you a teaser.

Alcohol. Writers and alcohol is a big draw. I guess I can see why with so good author falling prey to the drink. But it fascinates me that you like to read about the troubles that the author is having. Wait, that is not fair. You may not like to read about the troubles but just the fact that a talented person has an addiction which sometimes affects his work in a good way. And unfortunately in the bad cases causes them to leave this Earth far to early due to liver problems or a host of other medical issues that come with being an alcoholic.

Charity is also a big draw. When I posted back in December that the Archie Comic was giving away over a million dollars for I believe it was books for poor children, but whatever they raised the money for, you all went crazy for that article. I have to look harder, I am sure there are a lot of more local charities that give books to children. In fact I posted on yesterday or the day before and I think they raised money for books for poor children in Denver. Don't quote me on that. But globally or locally, it is nice to read about charity and especially with something that touches our hearts and is sure to touch a child's heart - books.

Okay I will reveal one more. Comic Books. Yes, after my first comic book post, I was quite surprised at the number of views I got. I would love to have a comic book blog but I will leave it to the experts. I just like to bring you my favorites and big news that I find. But comics really seem to interest the readers.

So I have my handy list which, if it gets into the wrong hands could destroy Earth! Oh sorry, I meant I have a list of what my readers like and I just wanted to give you a glimpse into it. Because as someone who always loved psychology, and was a psychiatric nurse, I love how the human mind works. So seeing what the masses are interested in is interesting for me as a blogger and as someone who knows a lot about the human psyche.

I hope you enjoyed my little blurb. Again, please leave comments. That would really tell me what you like! Then I can tailor my blog to you. I do my best at that anyway, but I can fine tune it if you give me input.

Well I have more blogging to do so I hope everyone is having a great start to the weekend. I am sitting here with my Chai tea and I called my mother at work (I forgot what day it was. They all kind of melt together) and it being Saturday and not Friday I was so I was embarrassed. But I am awake now and ready to blog! Blog to you later.