Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sombrero-Wearing, Guitar-Playing A-Rod Relaxes in Cancun as Biogenesis Book-Slash-Film Proposed

by David Brown)

(Busted Coverage)

Pictures of Alex Rodriguez wearing a sombrero and stroking a guitar down in Cancun, Mexico? Done, thanks to Busted Coverage. What about an actual written proposal detailing A-Rod getting mixed up with Biogenesis and getting suspended by Major League Baseball for the 2014 season, a tale that might be turned into a Penguin Book and, maybe, a major motion picture? Done, thanks to the New York Post.

The proposal is written by Miami New Times reporter Tim Elfrink, who broke the story about A-Rod’s relationship with Anthony Bosch and Biogenesis, along with Gus Garcia-Roberts of Newsday.

What does the proposal say? You can read it online. Here's a blurb from "Bad Blood: Alex Rodriguez and Biogenesis, Baseball’s Tainted Fountain of Youth":

The exposure of Biogenesis’s client list would rock the national pastime like no scandal since the fixed World Series of 1918. On Monday, August 5, MLB suspended 13 players for their ties to the clinic, including Rodriguez, who was hit with a mammoth 211-game ban. The other dozen players, including former All-Star Texas Rangers slugger Nelson Cruz and Philadelphia Phillies lock-down pitcher Antonio Bastardo, received 50 game bans, which all 12 of them accepted.
With A-Rod vowing to fight the ban — unlike his fellow players — and even suiting up for the Yankees that very night, the drama swirling around the scandal will dominate front pages — and baseball — for months to come, perhaps all the way through the World Series.

Or maybe not to the World Series, Yankees. It all would sound riveting, if we already hadn't heard it, ad nauseam. Actually, Elfrink did a terrific job breaking the original story. And there probably are more details he hasn't published yet that will make the book a real page-turner.

Hey, if they're looking for fact-checkers, make sure someone corrects the reference to the 1918 World Series. That one wasn't fixed, that we know of. The 1919 one might have been. Probably a typo. And remember: The only good thing about bad blood is letting it slide.

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