Thursday, January 23, 2014

Retro Posters in the Fight to Save Libraries


Original US Treasury Department circa 1917

Back in 2011 when austerity measures were sweeping through the public library systems of the Western world as a result of failed economic policies, Phil Bradley came up with an idea.

“What if the #savelibraries campaign had taken place between 1914-18?”

Then, the government would pump out posters intended to stir up support for whatever the issue at hand was.

Pushing out the scope to include the posters of WWII years Phil Bradley went to work enlisting the posters of yesteryear in the fight to save today’s libraries.


original text read “”The camp library is yours – Read to win the war. You will find popular books for fighting men in the recreational buildings and at other points in this camp. Free. No red tape. Open every day. Good reading will help you advance. Library War Service, American Library Association.” C.B. Falls / American Library Association 1917

United States War Food Administration, 1944

WW1 Recruiting poster, original said ‘Your arms, uniform and accoutrements are ready waiting for you’

WWI Victory Liberty Loan poster by Alfred Everitt Orr

Many more here at Library posters - a set on Flickr