Thursday, January 16, 2014


Just so you are aware, there are only three days left in the following giveaways:

Where The Dead Fear To Tread by M.R. Gott (I started reading it and it is so worth it so far I would recommend getting in on this giveaway)

Forever Loved by Deanna Roy which I have heard wonderful things about.

If you notice two other giveaways have just gone up and I hope to see you enter them.

The first is Seaside Romance by Mia Ross. I have read her work before and she is a great writer. She is giving away two softcover books to two different readers so you can curl up on your favorite chair with your copy and read.

The second new giveaway is an one ebook copy of "My Date From Hell" by Tallulah Darling who I have spoken to and she is just the best. I have a copy of the second book in the series (check out my blitz it is free on Roko) but now after talking to her I am interested in this series and will be reading it. But get in on the chance to win!

As always, have fun and GOOD LUCK!!!