Friday, January 17, 2014

New Video Testimony Tells How Woman Sleeps More Restful With a New Book by Bestselling Author Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha


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Irene Au uses the exercises in the Soul Healing Miracles book to sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed.

New video testimony shows Irene Au’s personal story about how she uses Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha’s new bestselling book, Soul Healing Miracles to help her get to sleep better without the aid of sleeping medicine. Irene tells how even though her daily activities sometimes last till 3:00am, she is able to go right to sleep by using the practices in the book. “To get a good night’s sleep, I put one book on my body and one book under my pillow,” says Irene Au. “And I just go to sleep. I wake up at seven in the morning and I’m fresh as a daisy.” Watch Irene Au’s entire personal testimony on how she is able to sleep soundly and wake up refreshed by using the soul healing energies from Master Sha’s new book, Soul Healing Miracles:

In his national bestselling new book, Soul Healing Miracles, Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha harvests a tremendous healing energy from the Divine and pre-programs each book so that readers experience the soul healing possibilities just from reading, meditating and touching the book. For the first time, Dr. and Master Sha's own Source Ling Guang (Soul Light) Calligraphy art is included and carries matter, energy, and soul of The Source, which can transform the matter, energy, and soul of the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies into each person in its presence.

When a painter creates an art piece, the viewer can sense the emotion and feelings within each stroke of the artists brush, every dab of paint, every swoosh of the his/her hand. With Dr. and Master Sha’s Source Ling Guang Calligraphy art scroll, because he is a channel who receives blessings from the God, every brush stroke carries a soul blessing that is transferred into the paper and its energy is radiated out to anyone who witnesses it, or has the unique opportunity to meditate in front of it. Already, thousands have flocked to retreats, events and workshops to experience the healing blessings that Master Sha’s Source Ling Guang artwork radiates to every person who witnesses it and many are sharing their profound experiences on video, social media sites, and friends and family.

In a time when more people are looking to answers to life’s questions, Dr. and Master Sha is proving to be a popular choice. Master Zhi Gang Sha is the soul leader, a world-renowned master healer, and a divine servant. He is the founder of Soul Mind Body medicine. He was trained as a conventional medical doctor and a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. The founder of the Institute of Soul Healing and Enlightenment™ and the Love Peace Harmony Movement™, Master Sha is a grandmaster of many ancient disciplines, including tai chi, qigong, feng shui, and the I Ching. Master Sha is also an expert in the most advanced cellular healing science now occurring in China. In the West, he is involved in breakthrough research on the effects of spirit on the human system. Dr. Sha was named Qigong Master of the Year at the Fifth World Congress on Qigong. In 2006, he was honored with the prestigious Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemorative Commission Award for his humanitarian efforts.

Master Sha is author of more than 10 books published by Simon & Schuster (Atria Imprint) and his newest book, Soul Healing Miracles (BenBella Books) was published November 11, 2013 debuting on USA Today, Wall Street Journal and Amazon bestseller lists. Dr. and Master Sha’s most recent New York Times bestselling book, Divine Healing Hands (September, 2012) topped national bestseller lists within 24 hours of publication and his 2011 book, Tao Song & Tao Dance was also a New York Times bestseller. All of Dr. Sha’s Soul Power books, DVDs and CDs, reveal soul secrets, wisdom, knowledge and practical techniques to transform every aspect of life, and are bestsellers throughout the world. Visit Dr. Sha on his website and to receive FREE daily Divine Healing Hands blessings via webcasts, teleconferences and in-person at events held throughout the world.

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