Monday, January 20, 2014

Monica Murphy and Maya Rodale Crush on Billionaires

by Joyce Lamb)

Today, HEA gets to eavesdrop on a chat that Monica Murphy, author of Savor (out this week, Jan. 21), the latest in her Billionaire Boys Club series, and Maya Rodale, author of The Bad Boy Billionaire's Girl Gone Wild (out on Feb. 4), had about billionaire bachelors. Methinks we all might be blushing very soon (I hope!).

(Photo: Avon Books)

"The Bad Boy Billionaire's Girl Gone Wild" by Maya Rodale.(Photo: Avon Books)

Monica Murphy: Shall we discuss our love for the billionaire hero?

Maya Rodale: Our deep, abiding, eternal love ... What do you love about billionaire heroes?

Monica: I love the fantasy aspect of a billionaire hero. That he can take you anywhere, give you anything ... and he's a billionaire not by accident either. At least, my favorite ones aren't. They're driven, determined, smart ... that's sexy.

Maya: What you said! I love how driven and smart they are. And something my heroine says is: "It could be hard to tear him away from work, but once I did, that same intense focus was aimed at me. My toes curled in my black patent wedge heels just thinking about it."

Monica: Ooh, yes, I love that! All of that intensity is definitely delicious. So is that why you think they're so popular? They fulfill that fantasy for the reader of being whisked away out of their reality?

Maya: Yes! With a billionaire hero who knows how to get things done, a girl can sit back, relax and be completely seduced. No one ever has to do the dishes in a billionaire romance.

Monica: Truth. And yay for no dirty dishes! It's total fantasy reading, I agree.

Maya: But I heartily agree with what you said. It's the qualities of someone that successful — someone driven, smart and determined — more than just the money.

Monica: Yes, absolutely, I find the total package that these billionaire heroes present are very sexy. And, of course, they're gorgeous. Impeccable genes. Incredibly intelligent and also street smart. Yet they also have a vulnerable side that they never show ... until they meet the heroine. Oh, and they're usually a bit naughty.

Maya: Yes to the naughtiness! What is the naughtiest thing your billionaire does?

Monica: Oooh, well, Archer Bancroft in Crave might've given Ivy Emerson a bit of — pleasure out on the patio at a wedding reception. He's the naughtiest of the three in my BBC series, though they all have their moments. How about yours?

Maya: Ooooh! My guy, Duke Austen, might give Jane Sparks pleasure on the terrace of his penthouse apartment in NYC. Um, I hope no one thinks that is my real life. (Or do I?!)

Monica: Ha! Maybe we all wish that could be our real life. And Jane Sparks sounds extremely lucky. I'm going to guess that the name Duke Austen wasn't chosen randomly?

Maya: Nope! I knew I wanted his last name to be Austen so when they inevitably married she would be Jane Austen. My friend called his first name. We were in her kitchen, and she said, "His name has to be Duke. You're done."

Monica: Considering you're well known for your historicals, I think the names are perfect! What made you switch to writing contemporary billionaire heroes?

Maya: I had the idea to write a contemporary about a girl who writes historical romances based on her life for a while. As I started to write the proposal, I was DEVOURING all the billionaire hero books so ... I write what I like to read. What made you decide to write your billionaire heroes?

Monica: I love your answer. Hmm, well I've written a few billionaire types as my other self (Karen Erickson). I love reading billionaire hero books, too. I used to enjoy those millionaire ones as well, but I've upgraded. We've all upgraded, right?

Archer came at me out of nowhere, and at first he was much darker. Then I saw the call Avon put out for a billionaire series and realized Archer would be a good fit. I lightened him up a little, though he still has his wicked side. All three of my BBC heroes do.

Maya: If you had to go on a date with one of your billionaire heroes, which one would it be?

Monica: I think I would have to choose Matt, my hero from Savor. He's the sweetest one and probably more my speed. He's thoughtful and sexy. Plus, that book has the boss/assistant storyline, and I'm a sucker for that.

The Bad Boy Billionaire's Girl Gone Wild
"The Bad Boy Billionaire's Girl Gone Wild" by Maya Rodale.(Photo: Avon Books)
Maya: I confess I do enjoy a boss/assistant story.

Monica: It's my not-so-secret crack.

Maya: LOL!

Monica: Which of your billionaires would you go on a date with?

Maya: So far I only have Duke — my Bad Boy Billionaire series is really a novel in three parts. But I am rather fond of him. : )

Monica: Well, then I guess you're going on a date with Duke.

Maya: Aww shucks. : )

Monica: What made you decide to go that route? Is each of the three parts complete? Or do they end in a cliffhanger?

Maya: The first two end in cliffhangers. I've been doing a lot of "SorryNotSorry" replies to readers. Cliffhangers are just SO emotional. I love it. And I love walking around, wondering what will happen next.

Monica: Listen. They complain, but they also love it. So it's very much a SorryNotSorry situation. I did a cliffhanger on my other series with the first book and got lots of e-mails from readers complaining, but overall I think they also sorta loved it. LOL. I must confess I do get a thrill out of reading, reading, reading and then it just ... ends. And I'm like WHAT?? And then I go preorder the next one.

Maya: Thank you! I was feeling all angsty about it.

Monica: When does your next book come out?

Maya: The second installment of my Bad Boy Billionaire series comes out Feb. 4, and the third installment pubs on May 13. Your newest, Savor, comes out on Tuesday! So soon! Is this the last in the series?

Monica: Unfortunately, yes. Savor is the last of my Billionaire Bachelors Club series. I will miss those bad BBC boys.

Maya: So are there no more billionaire bachelors?!?! Did we ladies miss our chances?!?

Monica: I hate to say it but yes! The BBC club is no more. Those bachelors were snapped right up!

Maya: Billionaire bachelors do not last long on the marriage mart.

Monica: They're a hot commodity!

Maya: So do you have any fun pub day plans, Ms. Monica Murphy?

Monica: Well, I'm going to be doing the usual hanging out on Facebook and Twitter, chatting up everyone about Savor. And I'll also be participating in a Twitter chat with a lovely author ... otherwise known as YOU.

Maya: I'M SO EXCITED for our Twitter chat on Wednesday from 3-4 p.m. ET.

Monica: So am I! Battle of the billionaires. LOL.

Maya: What we will talk about? All sorts of naughtiness I imagine ...

Monica: Billionaire love is in the air. Powerful sexy billionaires who make us swoon, that's what!

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