Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Monday Musings - A Day Late

I was too busy to muse yesterday. Then I checked last weeks musings and saw that I talked about what books I was reading. And the answer is yes, I cannot remember back that far. At least as far as that is concerned. This week I had just done that Sunday. If I would have remembered that was what I mused about last week, I would have waited. I never said I was perfect. Not to mention I do not think you want to hear every week about what I am reading. I like to mention it but it does not have to be done every Monday or even once a week at all. I want to muse on something cool or just good and interesting.

So what was I musing about yesterday, in the car for an hour drive on the way to the doctor, was a few things. First was realizing that it is hard as heck to copy and paste from the web on a cell phone. At least for me it was a pain. I like to set things up a certain way on my blog when I take an article from a website. Then bouncing back and forth between this site and the website I am using is a pain on a small phone. I have to go back and forth because I need the information, links, and normally photos. You do not have to do it all of the time but a lot of times you have to go back and forth. You cannot just copy and paste a whole article. Especially the pictures. You have to upload them from whatever site you are on then download them to your page. So I decided to write something and that is where my article on doing a good interview came from. I had already had plans on blogging about that it just was more convienent to do on my phone. I type very fast on a regular keyboard (88wpm), and I also type very fast on a cell phone. Then I was done with that just as I got to the doctor. By the way nothing ever happens like that for me. I am used to it. Timing is just off. Again I am used to it. Normally I would be four words or an edit away from finishing my post and it would go out after the hour and a half visit with the doctor.

On the way home from the doctor I was tired and a little headachy. Blog more? But I wanted to blog more. But what to blog about? Work on my book? Not in the car. So I checked my Kindle and was all set to settle into reading a book I am halfway through and it. Then the problem - it is not on my phone Kindle. (Is that what you call it? That is what I am calling it). Only half the books I know are on my Kindle were on the phone where, unless I am crazy which is always a strong possibility, I thought all my books were last time. I am well aware of the option Amazon gives you on which device to send a book too, but again, I was sure this particular book was in there last time.

So I picked up a book I have been wanting to read for a long time. Screamscapes: Tales of Terror by Evans Light. I had read the first story already. So I moved on to the second. It is so good so I am back to reading that today. At least finishing that story.

Do you see why I keep you updated weekly with what I am reading? I change from day to day. I am like a book chameleon. It is funny because I have no reviews right now but in about a week or two, I will have about 6 or so when I am done reading all of my books at the same time.

Yesterday I also thought about when I was younger. I do not think I ever read multiple books. As a matter of fact, I remember I always was a fast reader so I read one after the other, quickly. That is why I always had as many books as they would let me check out from the library. And I do not know if I read multiple books at one time because I have so many to read and can concentrate and remember more than one story at a time, or if it is because I was deprived for so many years of reading. Kind of like being in the desert. If you had no water for days and someone offered you a cup. You are not going to just take a sip. But I know people that read more than one book at a time also. I wonder also if they were always like that or is it because of how much is being fed to us. All the free and discounted books makes it easy to have a lot to read. I have to chuckle when I hear people's Kindle is full. I specifically make it a point not to get a book just because it is free. I have 80 books in my kindle. To me that is a lot. Maybe 20 I have read. I stored the ones I already read in Cloud. It makes it easier for me to see what I am doing. Then I thought maybe I should go back to reading one book at a time and just reading it straight through. But, as I have said before, I think of it like television. When you get a little tired of the show you are watching, even though you like it a lot, you can change the channel. That is what I do, change the book channel.

I also though of the snow that they told us yesterday that we would get and, as I speak, is already accumulated to a few inches. Jerry Springer was interrupted for the early breaking news.I was mad. When I thought about it yesterday, I imagined myself having some a Chai latte, and nestled up in my warm pjs with a book. So I want to blog some more but I think that when hubby leaves for work, not that he is noisy but I do get interrupted, I will start reading. I looked out the window and I remembered my thoughts from yesterday and I just love to see the snow. I love the cold weather and the snow is fun for me. My husband and I always take a night walk in the snow. That is the best because the snow lights up your surroundings. I even wrote, if you were not around at the time, a drabble about a snowflake.

So that is what was going on yesterday, seeping into what is going on today. Oh yes, how can I forget my other musing of yesterday - what special theme do I have for Tuesday? I still have not come up with one. There is something to muse about. What is special about Tuesday or what can I do on Tuesday? I will have to get back to you on that. I know I do not have to have a "thing" for everyday of the week, but it would be fun.

Well hubby is off to work and I am nestled in bed thinking about if I want to sit on the rocking chair or stay up here. My dog loves to sleep on the bed so he will stay up here all day, and has. Me I have a back pillow. You know one of those big upright pillows with arms that are made for when you sit on the floor. You just prop it up and lean back and then you can sit upright on the floor for television watching, etc. I have one I put in the bed because the wall is right behind me so I can sit up in bed.

Well I hate to go but I have reading to do. Maybe my musings will be more amusing or about something really deep next week. Today I am just keeping it light. Just like the snow that is falling.