Thursday, January 9, 2014

Me and Short Stories

I love the short story. I really do. It has its place in literature and it is a grand place. I have a lot of friends who are authors that only write short stories and I look forward to each and every one of them.

What I do NOT like are bloggers that fill up their blog pages with reviews so it looks like there is a lot of reviews and they read a lot of books but the stories are less than 100 pages if that at all. Or the bloggers that consistently read the same genre, which I find a lot of them happen to be on the short side also.

It is not a contest and I know that. I am not mad or anything. It is personal preference. I have been blessed to love every genre and I will read just about anything you give me. You all know about my stack waiting for me. But do not fill up your blog with tons of reviews to fill it up. I have a feeling some people may say I fill my blog up with book news but I read each and every article and handpick the ones I want on. There is a TON of book news out everyday. I go off the beaten path. Plus I have my daily theme, my days of the week theme, and many other things I add to my blog.

What is a blog for if not to speak out. And I notice this on a lot of book blogs and one I saw tonight just flipped me upside-down.

If wish nothing bad. You all know I am not like that. And I hope that the people that follow that blog love it. Maybe they do not mind as readers. But there is such a big world of books out there. Try something different! You never know what may happen.