Sunday, January 19, 2014

'Flowers in the Attic': Lifetime Breathes New Life Into Cult Favorite

by Robert Bianco)

Brace yourself for another trip to the “Attic.”

On the distant heels of the 1987 big screen version, Lifetime is offering its own TV movie take on V.C. Andrews' cult favorite “Flowers in the Attic.” Debuting January 18, “Flowers” stars Heather Graham as a woman whose four children get locked up in the attic of her evil mother – played by screen great Ellen Burstyn.

“Mad Men” fans will recognize one of the attic detainees: Kiernan Shipka, who plays the eldest daughter. She's worked with a lot of fine actors in her young career, but that didn't stop her from being excited to work with Burstyn.

"Working with Ellen is sort of like every actor's dream, and to be able to do such intense scenes with such an accomplished actor was just a thrill. … She's so generous."

If you've read the book, you'll be thrilled to hear that screenwriter Kayla Alpert says her goal was to stay as close to the book as possible – while still adding "a few key plot points."

And you'll also be happy to learn Lifetime has already ordered an adaptation of one of Andrews' sequels.

'Flowers in the Attic': Mason Dye and Kiernan Shipka step into the roles once played by Jeb Stuart Adams and Kristy Swanson. / James Dittiger / Lifetime (via USA TODAY)