Saturday, January 25, 2014

Fantasy Friday - A Day Late...

Boy I am two for two this week. I missed my Monday Musings and yesterday flew by without my Fantasy Friday. To be fair, I am sick.

Well there is not much to say. I almost did not post. But I did add a fantasy book to my reader's challenge "Miscellaneous" page which will contain 38 books but now contains four. I picked Dune. Now a lot of people say it is more sci-fi but then others tell me it is more fantasy. Either way it is a book and a movie I never saw. I am assuming from the trailers I have seen the movie of the same name is based on the book.

Also, I saw a fantasy book I wanted to read yesterday and it was from a book tour. Now usually I just sign up for the tour and write it on my calender and delete the information because they send you the actual information a week to three weeks ahead of time depending on your part in the tour. But I checked my deleted mail and cannot find it. I do see one fantasy book but it does not look interesting to me. Maybe I read about it someplace else.

I will let you know when I remember it or see it again. So this late Friday edition of Fantasy Friday is a bust, but hey, I never said I was perfect!

By the way, if you have any fantasy books you want me to read, PLEASE comment below. I would love some suggestions. I have only one book out of all the ones I won that come under the heading of fantasy. And that is stretching it. I will be looking for suggestions. Even if it is a book you have not read and want me to read, sure, I will do it. I am still looking for ideas for my A-Z list. Remember I have two of them. The first one is filled. The second one only has D,E,J,R,S,T. If you have not read my post my first A-Z list is books I picked on my own and some friend's suggestions. My second A-Z list is all suggestions from my readers, friends, authors, etc. So feel free to suggest a book before the list gets filled up!

Next week I will do something cool for Fantasy Friday I promise.