Thursday, January 23, 2014


Who would have ever thought I would get so excited about coupons?

I think I have a Barnes & Noble card but I could not tell you where it was. But today in the mail I got four coupons. Two for 20% off of one purchase good until 2/28/14, one for $20.00 off the Nook glowlight, (I do not have a Nook but I may check out this glowlight. The lamp in my room is to the left so it is hard to read and I can get uncomfortable unless I am reading off of the laptop), and one which is not a book coupon but is very cool is $10.00 off of any box of Godiva $30.00 or more. Pretty sweet deal. I only eat Godiva chocolate unless I have none around and am having a chocolate emergency. Then it is usually Kit-Kats or Peppermint Pattys. Sometimes M & Ms.

I mentioned already that I got two Barnes & Noble gift certificates for Christmas and my husband suggested to wait until the summer because I have so many books now that I have not read. Both hardcover, softcover, Kindle, and PDF. I have MORE than enough. But there are still books I want and books for the Spring and Summer that are coming out.

Maybe I will get more coupons. I think this is kind of for Valentine's Day because of the Godiva coupon. Maybe we will get coupons for Easter and then, well then it will almost be summer!

Such rough decisions I have to make in my life. *sigh*