Monday, January 13, 2014

Do You Get Sad When You Finish A Book?

Do you feel like the picture above when you are done with a book? I do. Is that weird?

Maybe I do not outright cry but I am sad that the great journey I took is now over. In fact, the last 30-40 pages of a book I start fooling around, doing other things, just so it will last longer. I do not want to know who the killer is, but I do. I do not want to know if the man and woman who were not meant to be together got married, but I do.

It happens every time. I just had a book with a deadline so to speak that had to be read and reviewed TODAY and it was so good, I was fooling around with the last 30 pages instead of writing the review. I mean, I knew writing the review was the easy part, the hard part was saying goodbye to a book I had become attached to.

So what do I do? Not read...NEVER! I guess I have to grow up and accept that like, in all things in life, there is a beginning and an end. And that life, just like reading books, goes on. You may not be able to change the ending of your book but you have a hand in what life deals you. That I know for sure. And that is comforting.

I guess I should make another part of my New Year's Resolution to be not so clingy to my books. But I always remember that from being a little girl. I remember asking my mom to keep reading when the book was over. I may have forgotten a lot of childhood memories but I remember that.

And the few books I did read after 1999, I felt the same sorrow when they ended. The worst being A Series of Unfortunate Events because I KNEW there was more coming. Just not soon enough for me.

So now I am going to take a deep breath. INHALE, EXHALE....and finish two short stories I started last week. And then tackle a bigger book. One from my A-Z challenge.

I would like to know how you all feel at the end of your books? Are you happy? Are you upset? Do you get maybe mad? Let me know. Just post a comment I would love to hear from you. Let me know I am not crazy.