Thursday, January 9, 2014

Do I Need To Go To Barnes & Noble?

Here I sit in the mall parking lot while hubby gets me some Godiva and Cold Stone ice cream. Good treats right? I will not tell why I came along in the cold car when I could be nice and warm in my pajamas in bed. But I choose to sit here cold and staring at the Barnes & Noble right dead ahead of me. My husband always picks the same place to park. Nowhere near the mall but in the back row of aisles facing the mall. So there I sat.

When you walk to the mall if you go to the left you go to the secret entrance of B & N. If you go straight, you hit the mall and Cold Stone first on your left hand side. Godiva is right up the escalator.

I want to get out of the car and tell hubby on his cell that I will "only be 15 minutes" that I am darting into Barnes & Noble. He would not be happy with this information so I also chose to just go. But that would not be a good idea either.  If he didn't have to go to work then the whole issue would be mute. But he has to leave the mall soon to get ready for work soon so there is no time to fool around with the bookstore.

I was writing this in the car and wasting time on my new cell phone. But the fact that I could blog in the car made the adrenaline rush through me more.

(By the way you are not seeing double. I posted this earlier today and, it got wiped out for some reason. I hope I can remember everything. It was not earth-shattering news, just me and books!).

My hair was a mess. My hair that is very long was pulled back into a messy bun because I knew hubby would be running in to get the treats and I would not see anyone that could judge me. But books do not care about vanity. So I went to open the door then thought about it. I thought about my hubby coming back to the car and finding me gone and knowing that I would not, and will never be "just 15 minutes".

Boy he was in there a long time.

I knew that I had gold on me - two $25.00 gift certificates to Barnes & Noble and they were itching to be used.

Then I thought, why am I not happy with all the books I have won, plus the books I was gifted, plus the books I purchased before this whole crazy roller coaster started? I have at least 80 books to be read. And I do not mean short stories (and yes I am a huge short story fan but I am talking time wise and length wise that reading the stack of books I have is a monumental task at the least). Some of these suckers are 600 pages. Or at least over 400. So why do I need to go into B & N now and get a title I really want? I am reading 5 books as it is now. I think I am going to be afraid I will suddenly be able to read like Superman is able to spin Earth the opposite way, run through all my books and then where will I be?

I thought about it again. I looked up, no sign of hubby. I was going to set this blog aside and start walking. I went to grab my purse and looked up and here comes my baby. Of course because I was not meant to get ANY MORE BOOKS NOW!!! And my hubby is smart. When I opened the gift certificates, one from him and one from his sister-in-law and her family, he mentioned saving them for the books that will come out in the summer. So smart. And he does not even read. Sorry he can, he just does not.

So that was my adventure today. I had some cute pictures to go with this but for the life of me I cannot remember what they are and I have to clean out my jpgs. It takes too long to find a picture.

I have to calm down when it comes to books. I really should still not be entering contests that I still have this incredible winning streak on.

As far and me and Barnes & Noble, we will have to part ways until the summer. I think that my hubby had a great idea. Who knows what I will have read by May or June? I read 56 books from the middle of September to December 31. Not to shabby. The blog takes a lot of time but I am going to work on some things so I have more time to read.

I think if I know I am going to the mall, I will have to leave my gift certificates at home. Every Christmas, just so you know, I get a lot of gift certificates and I carry them with me always because I never want to be out and see something and say "Shoot I have the gift certificate at home". So I used a little red satin pouch from at least 5 years ago to hold them all in every year. It ripped this year but my husband found, and those of you that read my blog know I am a Peanuts fanatic, a metal case with the Peanuts characters and you can fit small things inside. It is about the size of a credit card. So I put all my gift certificates in there and stacked it up. I will just maybe leave the B & N ones home if I am going to the mall. They can always hold a book. Oh no...I just shopping. Oh the brain never stops thinking about books. And I love every minute of it!!!