Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Buzz Books 2014: Spring/Summer: Exclusive Excerpts from 40 Top Titles

I just posted about Lemony Snicket's new book. And on the site I found it was a clickable link where you could get Buzz Books 2014 Spring/Summer for free from Amazon Kindle, Nook by Barnes & Noble, Download on the iBookstore, or get it at Kobo. It’s 40 fantastic “singles” all in one volume—and it’s free! That is the best part of all. I already picked up my copy and went right to Lemony Snicket's short story and I loved it. I cannot wait to check out clips or "singles" for 39 more stories. My to be read list is going to explode. So click here to get your free copy before it goes away. There is no mention of how long they are letting the Buzz Books out. But I had to share this with my fellow booklovers. It is kind of like getting 40 free books!