Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Books For The Brave

There is a site called gofundme.com and they raise money for all sorts of things. I had first heard about this site when a friend sent me a post from the site. A young married woman and her husband and children owned a house. But there was something wrong with the sewer pipes and it was going to cost I believe it was over 10,000 dollars to repair. So she went on the site and posted for some help. Last time I looked they had about $3,000 dollars raised. And she personally thanked me and keeps me posted. I just wish I had more to give. We had a similar problem but luckily it was not that expensive. It may be in the future though. So it is good to know that there is a legitimate site for people that need help.

I was looking on the site today, no specific reason because honestly, it is tough to look at all the people who need help and I cannot help them. It is the nurse in me. I want everyone to be healthy and happy. While looking I came across "Books for the Brave". This particular donation is to send books to our troops. The woman who started it is Melissa Ashley Horn and the fund was started August, 2013. They have a projected amount of money that this will cost and are nowhere near that. So I hope you will click on the link I provide and make a  donation. I never thought of our troops who, I am sure have downtime, and that they probably did not pack books.  By the way I checked the site out it is legitimate. If a particular fund raiser you may look into looks funny, contact the person directly or the site. Here is the description:

Books For The Brave

Help support our men and women overseas. I would like to start a fund that will go towards buying books for our soldiers to help keep them smiling! Anyone who has ever been away from home can relate to the excitement you feel when a package arrives just for you! Lets show our appreciation by donating to Books for the Brave!

Click here to donate. And remember how much you love your country and your books.