Sunday, January 12, 2014


If you are paying attention, you will notice a book is going up for giveaway soon. Okay, if you are a late night person, the contest starts at midnight. Along with it will be the post of the book with a synopsis and all the details about the author and where you can find the book.

I wish you all luck. As usual. Please feel free to enter. Anyone can win! Don't be scared.

There is also a tour wide giveaway that I will be posting later on.

There is a giveaway on the 15th also. I believe I originally told you the 17th. So I apologize. And there is another surprise but I will do another post about that. It is a great one.

Have fun entering!

(ps I tried to do some easy things for the giveaway, if they do not work, please let me know. I am sure you will know what questions I am referring too.)