Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Note To My Readers

Tomorrow I am getting a procedure done to help my migraines which I have mentioned before as the bane of my existence. It is called an ablasion and they burn the nerve in my neck going to my brain causing the pain signal to cease. I have had it done before and it works very well. It is not fun getting huge needles stuck in your neck (as per the last doctor who told me I needed to be awake and stay still, as if that is easy to do....stay still with needles going into your neck) but I will have something to knock me out this time.

So it takes three days to recover. I have had injections that are similar before and I have still blogged. Just prop me up in a chair, put a pillow behind my head, have great posture and I will go. But if I am not up to it, please pardon me. I will be back in three days. There is a lot of great stuff coming up this week so keep checking back. I don't think anyone can keep me away.

Wish me well! I hope to still be able to blog some tonight and maybe a smidge in the morning.

This is the small version of what I will be getting. I bet I do not sleep tonight. I am not afraid of needles just when they go into my neck. I am just thinking about how to blog lol!!!

I hope everyone has a great week. I have my concept by the way for Sunday but not enough time to do it. So next week I will be introducing Sunday Quarterback as a regular feature.

All of my love.