Monday, January 13, 2014

A Lost Challenge

Well, my messy habits and I even put information in folder to keep things in line and have notebooks but my second A-Z challenge list is missing. I looked to see if I posted it and I never did because I wanted it to be done and a surprise. If you read my blog you know my first A-Z Challenge was picked by me and some of my friends and authors. My second was to be all picked by friend and authors and readers with no say so by me. First Come, First Serve. I had A, B, C, D, E F, N, S and T. But they are now gone. It will be a long time to look over my email to see if I deleted the post or not which I think I did. So this bring up a new subject. You have time to get on my Challenge list. It is wide open accept for T which I just got in my inbox.

So please, if you have a favorite book, I love all genres, this is my challenge so please comment and recommend a book. Now more than ever since I lost my letters above. *sniff*

Thank you.