Friday, January 10, 2014

A Bad Dream

As I sit here with my Chai tea (my new thing), I realized all of the bad dreams I have had that would have made excellent books. The problem was the images faded away as I woke up or I just did not have the words to express the horror I saw in my nightmares.

Last night I had a doozy of a one, but it would not make a good story. To much going on. Not worth even trying to pick and choose pieces. So that is why I am up at this hour blogging and checking the book news. Ad figuring out what type of Friday this is going to be.

When I interview writers, they often say that the idea started as a baby idea if you will and "the story wrote itself". I love that and think it is a great gift. I have had more practice now with blogging and I believe knowing how to create drama and suspense and build a story so I will be writing a short story. I am going to ask someone to collaborate with me because of who this person is. I trust them completely. It will be horror/terror story. I have had it in my mind since the 90s, before the books and the blogging, etc. So it is time for the story to come out. I also have a work of fiction I have been kicking around.

I am not sure if I can even get published but I would love to post my story here. I do not know how to send it in any format other than copy and paste it in an email! Hey, I am nothing if not honest. But that will be a while from now. I have just decided to make this a resolution for the new year. Writing a short story.

I hope you will all support me. I will still be blogging and that is due, I think I mentioned, for an overhaul too. But not today.

That is my morning cup of tea post :)