Friday, June 6, 2014

Excerpt: 'Heart of a Highland Warrior' by Anita Clenney

by Joyce Lamb)

(Photo: Montlake Romance)

USA TODAY and New York Times best-selling author Anita Clenney shares an excerpt from her long-awaited Heart of a Highland Warrior.

Anita: Everyone loves a hot hero, and I admit I'm torn between my Highland warrior series and my relic seekers series. Each series features rugged alpha males and strong females. No matter if they're fighting demons or hunting powerful relics, they'll have a dangerous adventure to die for.

My latest release is Heart of a Highland Warrior. Readers have been waiting so long for this book. I'm thrilled that it's finally here. Readers will be pleased that the entire clan returns to help the hero and heroine in this shocking installment in the series.

A bloodthirsty evil stalks the Connor Clan… And only a secret from the past can save the day ...

The warriors of the centuries-old Connor Clan are searching for their missing time-vault and the powerful relic within. What they find is a grave…and a kilt-clad body they fear is the long-lost Tavis Connor. But there may be more to the Highland warrior's fate than a pile of bones.

Warrior Anna MacKinley stumbles upon a hidden stone fortress while searching for her clan's lost Book of Battles. Dark forces imprison her—and she discovers her cell mate is a gorgeous Scottish warrior who has no memories, but looks strikingly familiar.

Here's an excerpt from Heart of a Highland Warrior (courtesy of Montlake):

She approached the time vault and put her hands on the lid. Her battle marks began to tingle low on her back. She was starting to get a little freaked, but she couldn't leave without checking. She lifted the lid and looked inside. It was empty.

The time vault felt warm under her hands, and the air grew too thick to breathe. Beside her, shadows shifted, gathering into a form. She lowered the lid and stepped back, then reached for the dagger she kept hidden inside her boot, forgetting that she wore only a nightgown and flip-flops. She grabbed her talisman instead and braced for battle as the apparition shaped into a man wearing a kilt. His head was bent, hair covering his face. Sorrow rolled off him like a mist. She could almost taste his pain.

It must be done. There's no other way.

A face began to form out of the mist.

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