Friday, June 27, 2014


I hope the answer is yes! And in keeping with that, my regular readers know that once in a while I promote something besides books because it is something I believe in or something I like. So I wanted to ask you all something.

I have a very good friend Paul and he works in broadcasting. He does a show once a week about wrestling and it is really good. You would be doing me and Paul a huge favor if you would follow Paul's Facebook Page. This puts me up to to favors to anyone who likes Paul's page. This is his passion and has been doing this for as long as I remember. So go here and like it! Thank you

When you go there be sure to listen to last nights show it was really good.

You can also like him on twitter @feverisreal

Thank you for your time and your support. I do everything I can for my friends.

Love and Light,
Mismatched Bookends

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