Sunday, June 8, 2014

10 Authors, 10 New Adult Summer Reads, Lots of Book Boyfriends

by Joyce Lamb)

Ten authors … no, wait, make that ten pretty dang awesome authors are making it super easy for readers to find some hot New Adult reads for this summer. HEA asked them to answer some questions about NA heroes, book boyfriends and what they're offering for NA summer reads.
Lauren Hawkeye, author of A Bride for a Billionaire
Q: What qualities do you look for in a New Adult romance hero?
Lauren: Hmm. I typically root for the underdog in any New Adult book … the one that the heroine never ends up picking, LOL. That said, I still like my NA book boyfriends bad, but with a soft touch … a man who can only be tamed by one specific woman. And tattoos certainly don't hurt. Neither does dirty talk.
Q: Who is your favorite NA book boyfriend by another author?
Lauren: Oh, I have a few. But my hands-down favorite is Chase from Rachel Van Dyken's Eagle Elite series … I dumped all my other book boyfriends for him and never looked back. He cooks. He's attentive to detail. And he's a really good kisser. I'm sure of it. Basically, I love him. Sorry, Mil, but we might have to rumble.
Q: Tell us about your own NA read for this summer.
Lauren: A Bride for a Billionaire was inspired by one of my favorite movies from when I was a teenager — Cruel Intentions. It has an Italian billionaire hero who doesn't think he's a good person, and likes it that way. When a sweet American art student takes a knife for him, he initially just wants to repay her by giving her cash she desperately needs while, of course, using her for his own purposes as his wife for a month… and, of course, he winds up falling in love. It's essentially a Harlequin Presents, New Adult style.
Rachel Van Dyken, author of Entice
NA hero qualities? I love heroes who are willing to do anything for the woman they love. Loyalty is huge for me and I find it so attractive in NA heroes ;)
Your NA book boyfriend? This is such an unfair question as I'm seriously obsessed with so many that I'm a bit embarrassed ... OK, I really love Kellen from Heather Lyons' Fate series. In fact I'm so in love with him that I stalked her for days in order to get an ARC of the last book ... luckily, no restraining orders were used haha.
Your summer NA read? Entice follows Chase Winter as he accepts a marriage proposal from one of his family's sworn enemies, all in light of his best friend stealing the girl of his dreams right out from underneath him. Mil, the woman he marries, needs the protection of his powerful Mafia family in order to step up as the boss to one of the worst Mafia families in U.S. history. Sparks fly, guns go off, bombs, I mean you name it, it happens. It's a New Adult take on the Mafia, I kind of like to think of it as Romeo and Juliet meets The Godfather, though I've had some reviewers says it's like Hunger Games, Mob style ;)
Lisa Renee Jones, author of Escaping Reality (The Secret Life of Amy Bensen)
NA hero qualities? Dark, tormented and demanding in all the right ways!
Your NA book boyfriend? I love Kellan from SC Stephens' series.
Your summer NA read? The Secret Life of Amy Bensen is about a girl on the run from danger who dares to trust a sexy, man who draws her into a passionate affair and makes her feel she's finally not alone anymore. But should she really trust him?
Ava Conway, author of Hollow
NA hero qualities? I love a guy who is full of passion and angst. Someone who has been through hell and back, and would go there again for the heroine.
Your NA book boyfriend? My book-crush is Travis Maddox from Beautiful Disaster.
Your summer NA read? Hollow is about how a college student named Lucy who learns her perfect life is a lie and finds new love where she least expects it — in a mental institution.
Cathryn Fox, author of Hands On With the CEO
NA hero qualities? I love a guy who is damaged, full of angst and pain. A guy who has gone through hell, but in the end comes out a better man because of it.
Your NA book boyfriend? I'm seriously in love with Emerson from Unbroken by Melody Grace.
Your summer NA read? Hands On With the CEO is about a self-conscious, college sophomore who takes an au pair job in Greece. While there she's hoping to gain a little sexual experience. She soon learns that four hands are better than two and in the end learns to fall in love — with herself.

Sharon Page, author of Fast and Mine
NA hero qualities? The hero I adore is honorable, passionate and fundamentally a good guy who falls deeply for the heroine. I love a guy who is a kind of "wounded warrior": He's survived tough times and has come out with strength and the ability to love intensely.
Your NA book boyfriend? My NA book boyfriend is Reece from Foreplay by Sophie Jordan.
Your summer NA read? Fast and Mine is about geeky college student Claire, a popular boy named Sawyer who is more than he seems, and illegal streetbike racing.
Sara Fawkes, author of Breathe Into Me
NA hero qualities? Dreamy, maybe a bit of a bad boy — the kind of guy who, whether he means to or not, helps the heroine on her journey (and, hopefully, vice versa!). If she takes him down a peg or two, all the better! ;)
Your NA book boyfriend? Wow, that's a toughie. I'd go with Rush from Abbi Glines' Too Far series. Very much a bad boy, but devoted to his lady!
Your summer NA read? Breathe Into Me is about my heroine Lacey's struggle to free herself of a crappy life while learning to love herself again, and the boy who helps her see how much she has to offer.
Cindy Miles, author of Stupid Girl
NA hero qualities? Strong, brooding, confident, take charge, and with as many demons as possible ... so we can watch how a cunning heroine helps him conquer them all! I like him to have a hardened heart, only for the heroine to chisel her way through :) And ink. Definitely a lot of ink!
Your NA book boyfriend? Reece, in Sophie Jordan's Foreplay. *fans self*
Your summer NA read? In Stupid Girl, cocky Boston bad-boy pitcher Brax Jenkins takes on a fraternity dare to seduce a virgin. When he turns all his charms on astronomy major and small-town cowgirl Olivia Beaumont, he soon learns Olivia isn't at all what he expected. She sees straight through his bad-boy game. Still, they connect on a level neither expect, and she can't help but fall for the tattooed baseball star with a dirty mouth. But Olivia has her own secrets, and when she finds out about the dare, Brax's deception is almost too great to overcome. Brax is in for the fight of his life to win back the heart and trust of a girl he just can't live without.
Julia Kent, author of Random Acts of Fantasy
NA hero qualities? I love cocky guys who think they're a player and they know it all — and then they meet their match in a heroine, and bam! They're completely gone. Done for. Ah, that fall from grace is awesome to read.
Your NA book boyfriend? Ash Townsend in Sera Bright's See Through Me.
Your summer NA read? Random Acts of Fantasyfollows the band Random Acts of Crazy to a very special island resort where they all learn that you better be careful what you wish for ... because you just might get it.
Lauren Blakely, author of The Thrill of It
NA hero qualities? I love a tormented, broody, but poetic-in-his-own-way hero — preferably with tats and a dirty mouth!
Your NA book boyfriend? I am in LOVE with Dex Callahan from Melody Grace's Uninhibited (July release). He's a tormented ex-rock star with a naughty mouth!
Your summer NA read? The Thrill of It is an angst-y, emotional read about two young people battling love and sex addiction while falling in love.


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