Sunday, June 8, 2014

Crime-Fighting Vigilante - FREE BOOK

Victory Blvd.
by Sameer Ketkar (Goodreads Author)

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A highly paid stuntwoman by day and vigilante by night finds her dual life turned on its head when her prosecutor father discovers her secret.

In this light-hearted action thriller, Callie Monroe is a stunt double for the world's #1 female action movie star, but spends her nights trying to avenge her mother's murder. Callie is aided in her quest by her grandfather Hank Dempsey, a career criminal who runs a repo yard, and her personal assistant, Aryana Koubalt, a bubbly Valley Girl who's smarter than she seems.

All is going well for Callie until her father, Assistant District Attorney Nathan Monroe, discovers her secret during a botched sting operation. Nathan, who is also troubled by his wife's murder, is conflicted: He doesn't know whether to tell his boss the truth, or to help Callie in her quest for justice.

But when Aryana is kidnapped by the vicious thugs Callie is investigating, Nathan has no choice but to help Callie and Hank get her back -- though he does have a few conditions first.

Get this for free this is the last day! It was only available 6/6-6/8. I picked up my copy! Make sure you get yours.

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