Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I really love to win books. I enter a lot of contests. I think a free book, especially a signed one, is just about the best something to win that there is. I have decided to start sharing my books here. They may not be in order, but I would like you too see what I was blessed enough to receive and maybe you have read the book and have something to tell me. Or maybe you are the author!!! I would love for you to comment if you read the book.


A Matt Royal Mystery

by H. Terrell Griffin

categories: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense, Action & Adventure

(description from Booklikes.com)

The quiet of Longboat Key, Florida, is shattered when an old man is shot to death and his murderer is killed while fleeing the police. Strange documents in German and Arabic are found in the killer's car then an old friend of the murdered man disappears. The island's only detective, Jennifer Diane (J.D.) Duncan receives a text message with a picture taken that morning of a college friend whom she thought was dead. Matt Royal and J.D. are pursued by men who would do them harm, and Matt's best friend, Jock Algren, a shadowy operative of the U.S. government's most secretive intelligence agency comes to visit the island. As the mystery deepens, a ragtag group of devious and dangerous characters intrudes on the lives of the islanders, creating a kind of havoc unusual for a sun-splashed island full of retirees and beach bums. Matt, J.D., and Jock rush to find the answer to why one old man was killed and another disappeared, the meaning of the photo sent to J.D. of her almost surely dead college friend, and why somebody is trying to kill them.

I LOVE a good mystery :)


The Soul of the Word (Legends of Amun Ra)

by Joshua Silverman

Category: Fantasy

(Description from goodreads.com)

The ancient powers lost to Potara have returned. The Brotherhood of the Black Rose rises to bring Thoth into disorder. And, while the Brotherhood reclaims their power, chaos reigns among the survivors. Six individuals have emerged from the aftermath struggling for control over their lives and a divided land. Kem and Shirin, who abolished the five thousand year reign of the Amun Priests, rule from the golden throne of the Oracle’s Chair in the Hall of the Nine. Dio and Axios struggle to piece together a resistance worthy to challenge the ancient magic which resides in the Great Temple of Amun, and Leoros and Atlantia try to remain true to their hearts and their cause despite tragedy.

But when the Book of Breathings is discovered, the path to immortality is revealed. Leoros and Kem race to capture the Soul of the World unaware of the challenges awaiting them. This time, the gods themselves will intervene.

In a tale where boys become men and girls become women, where treachery and deception are around every corner, and where primeval mysticism finds its way back from the grave, victory is reserved for neither the good nor the evil, but the powerful.


Ab Antiquo, Ab Aeterno

by Brandon Gene Petit

Categories: poems and prose

(description from goodreads.com)

Ab Antiquo, meaning "from the ancient," Ab Aeterno meaning "from the eternal..". together they form a powerful Latin phrase that signifies beginnings and ends, past and future, old and new. Through both structured verse and narrative prose, Petit speaks with the voice of past lives and forgotten selves, approaching the world of contemporary poetry from a view between dream and memory. Calling upon a variety of themes ranging from dark fantasy to domestic nostalgia, Ab Antiquo, Ab Aeterno plays the part of a seasoned bard and weaves images of love, fear, sadness and contemplation. Offering unique perspectives and a bit of rogue wisdom, this poetry collection dares to find new ways to incite, instill and inspire... combining the worlds of light and dark, joy and angst, old and new.

I am looking foward to reading all of these books. And I hope if you are reading or have read them, you will comment and maybe we can have a discussion.

I hope you find the books interesting enough to check out. These are three good books from what I have read.