Saturday, November 16, 2013

No WInner! Let's Try This Now...For The Readers

Okay, I hit 500 views and there are no posted comments. So no one wins the gift certificate.

As I have mentioned, I love books very much. They were always a part of my life and when I could not read all of those years, it killed me inside. Now that I am reading again, and this is a new time for books and society and media in general, I love the fact that I can talk about my books an not on a corded telephone!

I want this site to be all for you. I pay attention to what posts get the most traffic. But I really want to stress that I appreciate you stopping by but if you do not comment, I cannot help tailor this site to what everybody wants!

(she has a lot of comments she wants to make!)

I have tons of new ideas that I have not seen anywhere. I have looked into and despite my original reservations, I have decided to do book tours. All genres.

So I am going to up the odds now. I am going to keep reading an doing what I do. And hope that you let me know what you like and do not like.

When I hit a certain number views, a number I have in mind is 1,000, but it may be more it may be less. I will do another giveaway. I am not sure what yet. It will probably have to do with comments on my posts. But the giveaway might be different. You will have to check out my blog to find out.

So enjoy your Saturday and HAPPY READING!!!