Monday, November 4, 2013

So Many Stories, So Little Time!

So the title of my blog has a duel meaning.

I have been receiving so many free books from many generous authors, I have a lot of reading to do! But I am not complaining. In addition to this, I have won close to 30 books on and won three books on I believe I have enough reading material to get me to next October!

This is what I want you to imagine:

But this is the reality:



But I love every minute of it!!

If you have not, please read my first blog here because you will know why reading books means so much to me.

The next meaning to this post title is that, I am so blessed as to have lined up 5 authors to appear here for an interview and some have offered to guest blog. That is a lot of stories!!

I do not want to keep you waiting too long. My first author is working on his questions. I should have that up within the next few days. Or maybe a week, he is very busy which makes me happy that he is working on something new and working so hard and still has graciously given us some of his precious time. That goes for all of the authors I will be featuring here.

I am also going to showcase a short story by a different author. I am proud to also call him a friend. I am just waiting for confirmation on something.

Is there any author you would like to see me interview or you would like to have blog here? Please leave a comment and I will work day and night to get you what you want.

So let us all be thankful that someone, whoever it was, taught us to read, that we have books to read and live in a time where you can receive a book right on your computer within seconds, and that so many new authors are joining our community each day.

If you are on please feel free to look me up

and I am making my way over to so you can find me there too. Stop by and say hello!

If you want to see anything featured here, please post a comment!!! I want this to be a very interactive site.