Sunday, November 3, 2013

The A-Z of Books

I have seen an idea of someone setting a book goal by going off of an alphabetized list. What a great idea!!! So I am doing the same. Maybe you can help me out as I set my book reading goals for 2014.

I will have two lists. The first A-Z list will be books I chose myself, along with some recommendations from friends mixed in.
Because of the A book, my time frame is 10/29/2013-10/29/14. I am doing my best to make them all not in one genre. So far so good.

The second A-Z list will be all suggestions from friends, authors, and maybe you! I am going totally crazy and I am going to pick books and genres that are out of my comfort zone. I would love you the reader to make suggestions. If I pick your book I will mention your name here on my blog. I may even do a giveaway. So be on the lookout for that! I will announce it well ahead of time. Again I am going to be looking for different genres, ie - I will not read all horror books (that is a different challenge!).

There is nothing on the second list yet. Again please leave a comment and the name of the book and a link if you can (say to or I will mention you here!

I know this will be a lot of fun.

If anyone wants to read or has read these books I would love to have you comment. And maybe we can start a discussion. Depending on the book.

A-And Then Run - by Eric Hubolt - goodreads link -
D-Doctor Sleep - by Steven King - goodreads link -
F-Filth -by Irvine Welsh - goodreads link -
G-Grimm Conclusion - by Adam Gidwitz - goodreads link -
H-Head Boy - by Mark Wilson - goodreads link -
M-Music for Torching - by A.M. Homes - goodreads link -
O-Orange - by Elizabeth Seer - goodreads link -
P-Pandora Drive - by Tim Waggoner - goodread link -
R-Red Phone Box - by various authors - goodreads link -
S-Sweet Damage - by Rebecca James - goodreads link -
T-Twisted Dark Volume 1 - by Neil Gibson - goodreads link -
U-Under The Knife - Kevin G. Bufton - goodreads link -
V-Valentine - Prelude To A Kill - by Daniel Cooney, Noel Hynd - goodreads link -

So that is my list so far. I have started my A book and it is very good. I suggest you check it out.

I hope you will help me out in expanding my reading circle and recommending some great books!

note: I just published this and the links are not clickable. I know it is a pain I am working on it. I hope you will still use them, copy and paste them into your browser. Thank you for being patient. :)