Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Little Dash of Something Extra

I know this is a book blog, but even in our book groups we talk about movies, television shows, etc in the genre.

I am first and foremost a horror lover. Started reading Steven Kind at age 10.

It is funny because, without comments, I do not know what my readers want. So I work on and read and promote every genre. The funny thing is though, I invited an author on from a different genre to guest blog or promote their book and this author looked at my blog and stated they were not sure if they would fit because I seem to be mostly about horror.

Wow! Is that what I give off?

I still have not added up all of the posts but I am sure horror is up there, but not to where it would look like a horror blog. Plus that is not the description. But I take constructive criticism and if this person thought that is what my blog reflected, I will fix it. In fact today I did a sci-fi review that I am fixing up a bit, and a romance/Christian book earlier. So I do do all genres.

So I just wanted to say television is lacking and has been for a long time. Over the summer I found Bates Motel, the best thriller/horror series I have seen in I cannot even remember when.

Then I got hooked on Supernatural. Yes very late I know. But I fell in love.

Then came American Horror Story which my mom, who can watch almost anything, said this was too gory for her. ALL RIGHT!

I only saw one Asylum and they are not On Demand now and I do not know why. But I am catching up with The Coven. AMAZING! Scares me every time. I love all the stars especially Jessica Lange.

But I bring this up for my horror fans. And I can easily see these being a series of short stories, or a novel series. It is awesome and gory and scary and fun!!! I hope you will give it a try when you need a reading break lol!