Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I hope everyone is having a wonderful day.

I just wanted to say I want to take my blog further so as of today I will be doing a book quote each day, a book review from Kirkus whether it is an Indie, or Fiction, etc., and the link (or if I can figure out how to paste it correctly here, hey I am not perfect!) New York Times Best Seller list. I do not think everyone wants separate posts so I am going to combine the above with maybe something else, a game or a giveaway. I would still like to keep my reviews and interviews separate. But that may change. As always, if you want to see something, if you like it the way it is, or have a suggestion, I do this for the readers, so please comment!! Feel free to e-mail me at


Please put "Mismatched Bookends" in the subject portion.

I will have a "Who Did It Better" later and one, possibly two book reviews. And I am doing final editing on a piece by a guest blogger that I KNOW you will all love, plus there are many interviews coming up (the authors confirmed), and cover reveals, book blitzs, all the other fun things I posted about I believe two days ago.

So hang in there with me! Read a lot and enjoy it. And I hope to have this be the blog that you will come to. Remember I do all genres. Someone, and I appreciate it, mentioned early on that my blog was a horror blog. I took a look and they were correct.It appeared that way. I had just happened to have read some horror short stories, and had promoted a horror story. It was a coincidence. Although I love horror, if you look carefully you will see I have reviewed a broad range of genres so far. I have reviewed children's books, fiction, sci fi, etc. Today will be my first LGBT. So I am excited about it. I am almost done and it is an amazing book. Great story. Great writing.

I hate to include this but I do suffer from many disabilities and unfortunately the past four days have been horrible for me. I think I listed my conditions previously, I will not do that again but the Multiple Sclerosis is kicking my butt. It is interesting I won a book on how to get better from any illness about three weeks ago. Maybe I should start reading that! But I apologize that the blog had to suffer a bit but trust me nothing got done here at home base either. I feel a tad better today but far from normal. I think it is early holiday stress. I had to have a pep talk with myself. :)

So please continue to enjoy my blog. I work very hard on it. I love the support and individual comments I have received here in the comments section and in other forums. Again this is really not my blog it is our blog.

Happy Reading!