Friday, November 8, 2013

Review of "ARBOREATUM" by Evans Light

This book was AMAZING!

I am still shaking my head.

Described as "Horror on the lonesome plains!" at, we find a story of a few pioneer families headed out west in the 1800s. It is a story about these families who, under the guidance of one of the male main characters, are supposedly on a Godly mission. Or at least the main character believes everything he has come to believe is what God intended for the lot of them. But after nothing to eat for days, nowhere to stay or call home, and no other human beings in site, the wagons of the families come up to a warning spot if you will. I do not want to give away what happens but the warning is ignored.

It is after this that the families find just within eyesight away, a lush and plentiful land down in a valley. The one man is more than ever totally convinced that they have all found the Garden of Eden and were meant to be at that place and were indeed blessed.

The son, Mecah, of one family and the daughter of the other, one night, decided to meet up after all the families young and old alike, had gone to sleep and it was dark outside. They decided to meet in the smokehouse for a little original sin. But before they could even get started, they heard noises and saw figures moving in the dark that made them check out what was going on.

What came next was unspeakable.

And the only witness left was dealt the task of trying to explain it to the rest of the families who had been asleep, which was an exercise in futility until the evil manifested itself again for all to see this time.

This was surely no Garden of Eden they had come upon.

I thought the story started not slow but very unlike the author's usual work. But the imagery was fabulous from the beginning. The symbols were there for you to figure out, but there was clear and definite foreshadowing. And the horror of what happens was unlike anything I could ever imagine. Which is what I have come to except and love from Evans Light.

I was lucky enough to receive a message from The Evans Brothers Q & A Group today that if I went to with the provided code, and was among one of the first 10 to join and use the code, I would get a free copy of this book. The run time was 1 hour and 40 minutes. It went by fast because it was so amazing.

Definitely worth the read OR the listen!

The only problem I did have was the narrator. I wanted a little more from him. Other than that, more horror in its finest form from a future mainstay and master in the world of the horror genre, Evans Light.