Thursday, November 21, 2013

Interview with Author Anton Troia

Today we have the opportunity to have author Anton Troia with us. Anton Troia was born and raised in New York City, where he still lives with his two audacious dogs. He was a former Emergency Medical Technician, and studied electronic engineering at DeVry University.

Anton's stories warn about the dangers of technological progress. He'll often take some swipes at future societies plagued by technological induced traumas. Besides ecological traumas, Anton's themes focus on political, psychological, physical and social repercussions as well.

If you're a fan of cryptids, aliens, and things that go bump in the night, then give Anton's books a whirl. Anton Troia instills the supernatural indirectly, with covert, but artful insinuations. When reading his stories-expect a good blend of Science Fiction, paranormal horror, dysfunctional romance, and pulpy goodness. Most importantly, Anton will always delve into the ongoing tug of war between science and ethics, and he has a knack for seamlessly weaving historical fact and mythology.

Stay tuned at the end of the interview for where you can find Anton so you can find out where to get his book, find his Facebook page, and keep up to date on his progress of the sequel to The Last Overseer. Plus he has a lot of other neat things in store for you. I frequently visit his Facebook page because his mind never stops and that is a good thing!

If you know me, you will always hear me spouting off about how our planet is being ruined. I have found a companion in Anton Troia. Read my review to find out about his book and what we both think this planet may be headed for!

Without further ado, an interview with Anton Troia.

1. You started out as an EMT and a student in Electrical Engineering. What made you want to write a book?

I always had a fascination with stories! I think they are the most powerful form of communication. I myself usually ask a lot of questions, and am an observer by nature. Over time, I realized that I had observed a lot in my thirty plus years, and needed to get things off of my chest. I became an academic researcher after a spiritual experience I had. And after that, I began writing The Last Overseer, which took about two years to finish.

2. I know you are a big fan of Science Fiction. How did that start?

It started when my late Uncle came over to my house one day with two VHS tapes that he had rented. One was called “Enemy Mine" which is probably one of the most underrated science fiction films ever made. A true masterpiece. And the other, was a little film called “Star Wars: Return of the Jedi”. I was about 7 years old at the time, and what I saw on the TV that day became permanently etched in my mind forever. The world was never the same again.

3. Your book "The Last Overseer" is a Science Fiction/Post Apocalyptic book. What made you decide to use that theme as your story?

It is just a vision of the many possibilities that we face as a society. I find that the post apocalyptic scenario really makes for one hell of a wake-up call, and teaches us about the frailty of modern society, mostly due to our dependence on computers and technology. I always wanted to express the importance of preserving natural environments such as forests and sustaining global bio-diversity with clean, free energy. Because if we don’t, well...just read my book and find out what could happen!

4.Were your characters based on anyone that you know? Or were any of their qualities or quirks based on anyone you know?

Yes, of course! Most authors create characters based on themselves or people they know. I find that all of my 3 protagonists share some of my personal attributes, experiences and what-nots. I can’t say I modeled an entire character after myself or a relative though :)

5. Charlie was the most interesting character for me. Hard to figure out. We spoke and you described him as you "Anti-Hero" where I saw him as a Hero. Can you tell me a little bit more about the character of Charlie?

Ahh...great question. Charlie’s history is still being written after all. He has the potential to be a great hero, but, like many of his kind before him, he may inevitably fall or cause others to fall. Find out what happens in the sequel to The Last Overseer.

6. Your book is full of absolutely amazing images of machines and devices and futuristic visions. I know you spent a lot of time researching. But how did you come up with all of those wonderful futuristic images?

Well, I simply took what was already established in science fiction and expanded on them. Take for example, things like “Disruptor pistols and microwave guns” --No matter what science fiction story you read, you will always read about ray guns and such...and I just added my own tweaks. For instance, one of my favorite pieces of tech. in my story is what I called a “Matter Dissolution Device”. This operates like a standard ray gun, emitting a strong surge of plasma or proton beam, so strong that it simply melts sold matter into gas. I found that this device would be great for removing rubble after an Earthquake. As for Charlie’s zero-point energy gun, that was based on anti-gravity technology but with a little that he can not only push gravity but harness it. Last but not least, my favorite--the Eye-Net lenses--which are Contact lenses with Internet browsing capability! That idea came from out of nowhere :)

- That was one of my favorite ideas. I am glad you mentioned the Eye-Net lenses.

7. I loved the relationship between Eleana and her father. I really loved how compassionate Elena was. Tell me more about how you envisioned Elena and how you worked her into the story.

OH wow, that’s a first. I wanted a character in my story with great empathy and a great filial nature. Of course, it had to be a female! There’s a lot of readers out there that like the strong, female lead—the heroine. However, most of those female characters lack what makes females strong (in other ways besides kicking ass) Elena is strong, physically, mentally, and more. Emotionally.

8. Where is your favorite place to write? (I always have to ask! For example, outside on the deck or patio, at your desk, in bed, in front of the tv?)

My office! It’s a small little place, but cozy. It’s tough writing outdoors in a big city like New York. Too many car horns and noisy landscapers!

9. Are you able to keep your ideas in your mind or do you need to carry a notebook or recorder around with you?

Oh, I’m an avid note-taker! There’s so many ideas sometimes, that I have to write them down...just in case. Sometimes, the idea is so important that it stays with me, no need to write it down, but the little things...those I write down.

10. I know you have two Pomeranians. Do they help you at all? :)

Hahaha, quite the opposite. They are my little overlords, and demand lots of attention. However, they help remind me to embrace simplicity and live humbly. And so in a sense, they add years to my life.

11. Did you know you this was going to be a series when you first started?

No, not at all! I never thought I’d ever write another book! Period! But over time, I just felt there was so much left to tell, and my next book in the series will be much more character driven. Charlie and Elena take the spotlight, and I really wish I could tell you more!

12. Tell us what is coming up for you. What is on the horizon?

The sequel to The Last Overseer is coming along smoothly, and should be available sometime in early 2014. I also have several other projects on the back-burner, waiting to be dusted off and brought to fruition.

13. Is there anything else you would like to add?

First off, thank you dearly Melissa for this opportunity! I’d just like to post the official website for my novel,

And last but not least, my facebook page. There you can find articles that pertain to the topics covered in my novel, as well as movie reviews, book reviews, and an occasional ramble about my daily writing process. However, most importantly, be sure to check out my facebook page for my giveaways. I love giving away all sorts of goodies!

Make sure you do go check out all the wonderful sites Anton mentioned. And I want to personally thank him again for his time, which I know is precious.