Friday, November 8, 2013 Book

I have seen, as of late, a few authors using a site called You are supposed to go there and be able to download audio books. I do enjoy books on tape but you need the right narrator and you need to be doing nothing else.

I got a wonderful message today from It was from Evans Light (I have featured one of his works here on my blog before) and said that the first 10 people to go to and enter the code he gave would receive a book for free from The book by Evans of course. So of course I went over to

The book is called "ArborEATum: A Novella of Horror". The run time is 1 hour and 40 minutes.

I had a lot of reading planned today, but since I had been wanting to check out, and the fact the book is from one of my very favorite authors, and I think my eyes can use a rest, I am going to be "reading" for the next hour at least. With Evans, I am sure I will be sitting for the full time all today.

If you belong to goodreads, check out the group called "Q&A with The Light Brothers - Evans and Adam Light" Then look for the post "Another Light Brothers' Q&A Group Exclusive giveaway" and see if you are part of the lucky 10! If you are not on goodreads, get moving now! It is a great site and, especially if you are a horror fan-the groups are great. Join and join Adam and Evans group. And add them as your friends. They are amazingly talented as well as very nice.I am never disappointed in any of their works to date.

I will be doing a review on this when I am done.