Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Good Friend Told Me

I confided in a friend about my book blog and how I felt about commenting. Or the lack thereof.

I always knew I was different. I see the good in everyone, help out a stranger, forgive you for doing something really wrong to me and hold no grudges. I trust everyone which gets me kicked in the teeth a lot but it is my nature. And I comment.

When I read a post I like, I comment. Always. I do not mean to imply I am better or worse than anybody else. My feelings on the subject are that somebody took the time to write this, and I enjoyed it or it gave me some new information, so I owe them a thank you. Even if it is just "I really liked your post".

My friend told me that, even when people read them, they are often too busy to jot down an answer. This had occurred to me but I am busy too! My friend went on to say that this is a high speed world that we live in that keeps imposing a multitude of gestures at a higher and higher pace. And I laughed because she stated it is a good thing some of us practice Yoga, we both do. But she said that I may be right in something that I wrote about courtesy and how I was brought up by her stating courtesy is not always the rule. I believe I had stated that I was brought up to always write thank you notes and call people to wish them a happy birthday, send a written invitation to a party, and to always answer someone, with respect. To be courteous.

Her last words really stuck with me though - There is less civilization is our civilization. And she is right. I have to keep remembering that this is not the 70s or even the 80s. I feel blessed to have grown up in a world without computers and the hustle an bustle of social media and the horrible manners people have and the way our children are being raised. I can go on and on. I guess I am in this new world, clinging onto my own world. I am someone that always holds doors for someone so I expect, that, when I have three coffees in my hand, someone will hold the door for me. They do not always and that really irks me. Really it makes me more sad than anything. And just like that, I always comment. As far as emails if I cannot get back to a long one, I write a short one with a message that I will be in touch. We have become obsessed with technology and lost our way as far as human relations. It is sad for me and one reason I stop and think before bringing a child into this world.

Books remain a constant for me. I place that never changes. I am excluding the new YA genre (sorry guys, I have tried it is not for me, but every other genre is) that I cannot figure out and cannot connect with these stories, which at least the blurbs are all the same. And the post apocalyptic stories....we have enough of those too thank you. How about no zombies and living with Russia being a super power and living with the idea of nuclear holocost? That is some real horror that many of us lived through.

It is sad to me that children today will have no idea what life was like. How very very different things have become. I guess I have to be happy with the fact that someone is at least reading my blog and I am greatful to everyone who reads on a daily basis. And my new readers. I guess I have to give up on hoping for a comment. But I will never stop commenting so if you have a blog yourself, or a website, look for me, I will be the one commenting.