Tuesday, November 26, 2013


What does your bookmark mean to you?

Do you have a special bookmark? Or do you just use a scrap of paper?

Is the bookmark as important as the book?

I think so.

I have a huge assortment of bookmarks and, I have to have the right bookmark for the right book. I have been very lucky lately on winning books from Goodreads.com and a lot of the authors were nice enough to include bookmarks. WOW! How awesome. The perfect bookmark for the perfect book.

I went to New York ComicCon this year and the free bookmarks I came home with would blow your mind. A huge bag. I almost felt guilty I had so many. But they were free! I am still looking up information about OTHER books that was printed on the bookmarks.

It is funny if my bookmark falls out, I have a fit. I really do. It usually happens when I carelessly and quickly grab a book to take it somewhere else, which I try not to do. But I am more upset about the bookmark hitting the floor than I am about me loosing my place in the book.

I am frequently reading more than one book at a time so I have to have the right bookmark for the correct book.

I just was able to read again recently after not being able to read for close to 14 years. So Kindle is still new for me. I wish I had a virtual bookmark. I would love to pick an image and somehow make a bookmark that is marked as such in the dotcom part. I would also have a separate one for every book. I may work on that. Virtual bookmarks. Customized. (my mind wanders)

Have I taken little scraps of paper and used them as bookmarks? Sure. But only until I can find my special bookmark.

I love the Barnes and Noble section of all the really fancy and expensive bookmarks. I want to buy them all. Maybe it is the collector in me.

I am very attached to my bookmarks and sometimes do not even want to use the same bookmark twice because I associate it with a certain book.

I remember when I folded pages in and my grandmother told me about bookmarks. I still hate to fold a page in. Only if it is absolutely necessary. But it happens rarely. I would rather close the book and look up where I was than fold the page of a book. I always used to use the same bookmark. When I was in High School I really got into bookmarks. I made homemade ones. They were full of sparkles and color. And stickers. And just recently coming back to reading, I love that the bookmarks match the book, like I have seen with not only what authors have sent me, but what I saw at ComicCon.

I hope you all have a special bookmark. If not go treat yourself to one! Start with one and see where it leads. :)