Sunday, November 17, 2013

I Need A Synonym For Win :)

I just found out that I won the following book from

Falling for a Bentley

By Adriana Law

categories: Romance

(From Booklikes)

Victoria Anderson has spent her whole life feeling invisible. She used to like it that way, giving into her mother's demands without a fight. Now that she's ready to fly free, no one can see or hear who she really is...

Until Sterling.

Sterling Bentley is determined not to fall for his cousin's girl. If his past taught him one thing, it's that love has no meaning. His life has been an empty, black void for so long, that he's ready to let it take him. Hell, he's ready to dive straight down. But he can see the fire that Victoria hides inside, and it beckons him. And he has to wonder...

Can two broken people fit together?

The more Sterling knows about Victoria, the more he knows he's no good for her. He does everything he can to push her away, but Victoria isn't about to let go of the one person who gave her the courage to finally live her own dreams -- no matter how dark a place those dreams lead her.

FALLING FOR A BENTLEY is a story about addiction, forgiveness, heartbreak and hope. Recommended for ages 18 and up due to sexual situations, drug use and language.

Those of you that know me as a blogger know that Romance is not really my thing. But I have read romantic novels. I still have nightmares about Harlequinn Romances. But I always give a book a try. This one does not sound too bad. In fact, I did read a romantic novel and I do not think I posted my review. I am going to look for it to show you my soft side :)