Friday, November 15, 2013

How To Comment on a Post - In Case You Do Not Know (Make This Your Site!!)

I had a good friend of mine recently tell me she could not see where to post her comment on here. So I thought maybe that other people were confused also and maybe that is why not many people are commenting here.

If you go directly to the post, at the end, you will see in dark pink "Posted by Melissa Grabowski at xyz time" and then a small pencil

Then underneath that you will see a bunch of links I cannot hook up yet lol! It is okay I am figuring it out. You should see the Facebook, Twitter, and the last is the Google plus logo (that I am linked into).

Then again underneath the above in dark purple you will see "No Comments"

And underneath that in deep purple "Post a Comment" and an empty (and sad and lonely) white box for your comment. Then post and hit "publish".

After all that if you have commented and it is not up, let me know because then it is a site problem.

Thank you again to those of you who have posted. Again I am so concerned because I want this to be a site for the readers. It is a place where you get to do what you want!!! And I am here to facilitate that.


Well what do you know? There is someone commenting now!!! :)