Saturday, November 23, 2013

Coming Up!

What to be on the look out for!

Interview with some great authors. I do not want to name any names yet. I want to really keep that under wraps. But you will love who they are and they will be some great interviews.

I have a fabulous guest blogger coming by. We are just making some last minute edits to the piece and look for that shortly.

I will have a giveaway or two. Good stuff!

I have more cover reveals coming up.

I have a book blitz and some book tours as well for you.

I have a review on two ARC books. One I am almost done with and the other I just got in the mail. I am hoping to get the authors on board for an interview.

Plus my usual fun games like "Who Did It Better?" and other book related topics to come.

All of this is happening before December 15th. Not far away! So keep on the lookout. Or you may miss something great.