Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christmas Reading

I promised myself that I was not going to fall into the holiday bliss for the purposes of reading a holiday book. Any holiday book. But two interesting things happened.

1. I won a book called Jingle Bell Romance by Mia Ross

2. I won a 654 page book called The Big Book of Christmas Mysteries. The funny story here is when I entered, I thought it was a book about trees and gifts and those kind of Christmas mysteries. There was not much of a description (I think they did that on purpose) It is a MYSTERY book, with Christmas stories. For example one story is "Gold, Frankincense and Murder". You see my point.

So I am going to be reading those books to in between my others that I have to read and see if I cannot find a really happy Christmas book. Jingle Bell Romance seems cute. But I have so many other books to read. However if it is a Christmas book, I will fit it in! If anyone want to leave a suggestion, even if it is a children's book, please do so! Write it in the comments section.

So I will keep you posted on my Holiday adventures :)

It is never to early to wish Happy Holiday, Merry Christmas, or whatever you wish to people. So to all of you I say enjoy the month, enjoy your books, make time for your family, and do not forget to read my blog! Santa likes it a lot!

(This is the truck delivering all my books hehehe)